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Companies not understanding the need for an owner, president, manager, supervisor or staff member to be of a higher or at least equal Level of consciousness within the culture of the company, are experiencing an invisible saboteur within workplace harmony.

All in Resonance is about empowering individuals and companies to realize when they are consciously in harmony as a team, how to inspire harmony, and mostly how to quantify and shift areas where harmony and increased profitability are desired.

Exploratory Questions...

What is the best way in which to shift or improve a company's culture?

What comprises a company's culture is the aggregate of consciousness (awareness) of the individuals working within a company or any relationship. Shifting the culture begins by identifying the Level of consciousness of the culture. From this point, there are two dynamics in play, the Level of consciousness chosen by management and the Level of consciousness chosen by each team member.

Which makes a company remarkable, is it the leadership or the staff?

This depends upon the consciousness of each. If the leadership team is operating at a mean consciousness Level that is above that of the staff, leadership is assured. If the aggregate of the staff is operating at a Level of consciousness that is above the leadership team, dissonance is ensured. If both the leadership team and the staff are operating with a consciousness that is in resonance – harmony, happiness, and profitability are most likely to occur.

If two people are in a debate, who is correct? Both must believe they are correct for a debate to exist. Who then is correct?

The answer lies in the question, that being, the one who is correct is the one that is understood. This means, that while both may have a valid point, the answer lies not in being right, rather in understanding another's point of perspective.

What if the other person does not want to understand me?

Then my need to be understood will rob me of an opportunity to grow. The need to be validated or recognized is likely in play. Can I let go of me to understand you?

How does one "grow" the culture within a company?

If a flower is watered it grows, that growth is therefore dependent upon the elements in the water. If a culture is watered, it expands those elements or behaviors contained within the water. What elements are contained within the water hydrating your culture?

What creates employee happiness?

If you invert this question the question becomes, what is eroding employee happiness? Is this erosion of happiness something an employee is bringing with them or is the pattern being created as a defensive posture due to patterns occurring within the company? With this in mind, is the company or the individual responsible for creating one's happiness?

What is the difference between cultural dissonance and cultural resonance?

To begin, we explore the meaning of Cognitive Dissonance – cognitive relates to the mind while dissonance relates to having two opposing thoughts at the same time. In essence, this is holding two opposing thoughts in one’s mind at the same time. This creates a polarizing effect, placing an individual into a mode of indecision, often based in the uncertainty of not making a good or wise decision. Cultural dissonance is an uncomfortable, often covert sense of discord, disharmony, or confusion within a company, a business, or one's personal life. Cultural resonance is a comfortable sense of harmony, camaraderie, or cohesiveness within a company, a business, or one's personal life.

What are the best steps to understanding how to grow our productivity?

This question could be reversed by asking, what is contributing to the lack of productivity? Asked differently, what is contributing to the resistance on the part of an individual, a department, or culturally to be productive? All in Resonance begins by asking, what is important to you as a leader, what resonates with you? The best step(s) therefore varies based on what is important to each team member. From this perspective, we invite you to complete 34 questions. By exploring your results, the best steps for you, your department, or your company is customized to your specific needs.

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The methodologies employed to create this platform, while utilizing the science of psychology, business executive coaching, and business sales acumen, moves beyond these foundational stones, creating an exemplary course in leadership empowerment.